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Artist Statement

My artistic practice derives inspiration from everyday life and reveals the extraordinary within the ordinary. I study life through the realm of the mundane, creating narratives from the ubiquitous content that surrounds us. The process of art making allows me to study the mundane activities and daily rituals that are intrinsically weaved into the sociocultural fabric of our day to day life. Furthermore, my interest in Sufi philosophy has guided me towards embracing life as an ephemeral journey, nurturing a heightened awareness of its impermanent nature. This perspective informs my artistic philosophy, placing greater emphasis on the creative process itself than the end product.

Experimentation and the exploration of new media and techniques are integral to my art practice, as I continually challenge myself to develop an effective visual language. While my practice encompasses various media, the technique of miniature painting has profoundly influenced my approach to art-making. I embrace meticulous, slow-paced, and repetitive processes that allow me to contemplate. By painting intricate details, I closely examine my subject/object. This exploration deepens my understanding of the subject and its existence in relation to the life around it. Simultaneously, I have become intrigued by the spatial relationships between objects. Mundane items, often overlooked, acquire new meanings and perspectives when encountered unexpectedly, engaged with, or elevated as art.

Through my artistic endeavours, I tries to shed light on the extraordinary within the ordinary and hope to provoke viewers to engage in a renewed exploration of their own lives and the world around them.

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